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How do you define your sexuality?
32 votes
15 votes
3 votes
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How many sexual partners have you had?
18 votes
14 votes
6 votes
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How many times a week do you have sex?
3-4 times per week
16 votes
one time per month
9 votes
1-2 times per week
8 votes
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Would you rather shop for?
Sex toys
4 votes
4 votes
Have you ever been to a nudist colony?
6 votes
no but i would like to try it.
6 votes
2 votes
Sorry guys chat will be down till monday for bug fixes and upgrades thank you
hey guys chat is back. if you comeacross anything thats not working please let me know thanks
ok guy the server has been switched over but now its time to fix all the glitches it will take a couple of days but we will get everything working again so please stick with us
Hi guys just wanted to let you know that we are in the processes of moving to a new server. Our hosting company says there should be no downtime but there might be some glitches. If this happens we will fix the issues as quickly as possible. Thank you

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