Andrew Walks It Out in his Toyota Land Cruiser Suv

I'm doing the DJ Unk Walk It Out in my Toyota Land Cruiser Suv. I drove very slow doing this. My friend Hyuni Mashlikai filmed me. I Dare anybody in any Vehicle big or small to go on the Highway where ever you are City Town County State. To go 90mph+. And sharp left. Sharp right. Sharp left. Sharp right. Sharp left. And then crank dat steering hard right super heavy. And then if the car pops up the whole right or left side. Gently tap the steering wheel right left right left right left right left. And then hold. And to drop the car left or right down. Gently let up off the gas pedal. And gently tap the steering wheel left or right. And the car should Drop It Like It's Hot. And if done correctly. You did The Car Walk It Out. I call it The Slide Left High Heel Up. But if you do it too fast and drop it too hard. You will blow a tire or bend a Rim. I dropped it too hard. And I blew a tire and bent a Rim. So don't do what I did. But if you drop it gently. Your tires and Rims will be fine.
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