This is my Bodyguard Alex Zedra. She is Resigning from the Security Field and being my Bodyguard. And she wants focus on her daughter more. Her daughter has been telling me when her mom will stay home full time with her. And I said sweety your mom is Resigning in 5 days. You will be with her soon full time. So please everybody wish her the best in life. This is Not her goodbye from me forever. We will continue to be and remain friends forever. We will all Miss you Alex Zedra.
Just so that everybody knows. My Security Protection Detail has Now been Amped Up by family Mob Members. My Family Mob's brought everything with them. Weapons. Families. Their own Vehicle's. Extra Weapons. They brought Weapons and Ammo Boxes. Rocket Launcher's. Everything. So if anybody wants to fuck with me. They will get a rude and Violent awakening.
This is my New Movie. It's called ((There Can Only Be One)). It's a NYC Mob Owned Movie. It just dropped on my other Mob Owned Movie Website. I Decline to give out the name of my Website. Can't do...
I'm glad you loved it Alex. I will see what I can do about filming the same video. But make it longer. My niece Jelena played the role as a Vampire Queen.
on January 16 2021 at 04:57 PM public
Sorry I don't ship out. These are for me and my Security and my Bodyguard's.