You damn sure know how to make a man's cock hard don't you LOL
Terry Bennett commented on Goth Mom photo
on March 26 2022 at 05:52 AM public
Fuck... Got me hard and throbbing at 7:52am. So hot
Terry Bennett commented on Goth Mom photo
on March 26 2022 at 05:50 AM public
IM me if you need anything from some cum on them to someone sucking them while deep in you
Ever have those days where it just won't go down?
Terry Bennett commented on sophiebisex photo
on March 09 2022 at 08:33 PM public
I don't know about anybody else but Thursday is kind of a the day I take a rest of not f*** I don't know I guess I love f****** and most of the time I love f****** my old lady but I do know something about Thursday but anyway the reason I bring it up is if anybody else masturbates we should just create a time like 7 p.m. tonight if we get out here this masturbate no faces of course is right now I am so f****** hard I can't give it go down I had to wait for my friend next door to leave for work t...  more
Terry Bennett commented on Shanty Takigawa photo
on November 19 2021 at 03:02 AM public
Ma'am you don't long happy at all.... I'm almost feeling like someone is forcing you to take that picture either that or you haven't had dick in a while if it's the first send a video with the wink or something if it's a second contact me immediately so I can f*** you
For all you gorgeous beautiful women on here I'm not looking for compliments I'm looking for actual critique about my cock.. Is it small normal or large?okay is it look good is it big and thick or is it standard or is it small? I truly don't know I know I love stroking it I love when I get suck and I love love love on a f*** I just have never had a war could take my dick
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