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I worked really hard to finally get my motorbike. Now I still have to do business in Argentina, but I plan to start my journey from here to Tampa to visit my roots and continue my journey to the roots of Homo sapiens in Africa. In between I will learn about many things, but one in particular calls my work: the diversity of adaptations of our species. 
I have already traveled a lot and I have learned that each context has its own history and particular care. Very good things have happened to me and other very bad things also, I have learned something from all of them: sensitivity is always a compass to find or create options.
It would be nice to make contacts to learn about contexts that I never knew in my life. I look for stories of people who speak of their effort and their comrades. Of individual work and collective work. Of technology and the various forms of skills that exist.
I thank for what I have , to existence, my loved ones and all the support I have obtained from the group of friends with whom we founded El Gremio.
I wish you health and prosperity!
And as Jamerboi told me: good path!
En el camino estoy abierto a conocer nuevos grupos y culturas diferentes aportando como sea bienvenido hacerlo.
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