Fariba's Story

Another friend decided to join my little campaign!

Her name is Fariba.

Her story is not like mine or Martha's. She was never sexually abused and no one has threatened to publicize her private pictures or anything like that.

Unlike many of us, Fariba didn't have the luxury of being born in a free country. She was born in Iran, a country with a theocratic dictatorship, where women are harshly oppressed. They must cover all of their body except hands and face, especially their hair. Why? In order to not stimulate men! Just imagine having to dress like that in hot summers of Middle East. There are many oppressive laws against women, but the dress code is some kind of symbol for the oppressed status of women.

Despite this discrimination, Fariba was a very successful woman. She was accepted to a good university and after graduating, she found a job in the ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance. She was a successful and hardworking employee and really made a big difference in her line of work. Until one day something strange happened. There was an announcement on office notice board. It summoned all employees for an interview. There was a time table, and Fariba was the first employee on the list. She had never seen such thing and didn't bother to ask around about it. She thought there was nothing to worry about. She was an exemplar employee and her performance could spoke clearly in her favor.

The interview day came. The interviewer asked her strange questions about her religious beliefs. Fariba was surprised and insisted that she will not answer any question which is unrelated to her job. Interviewer became angry and asked why she is just wearing a scarf instead of a black veil! He deliberately hinted that Fariba is stimulating the men and threatening their families by refusing to wear a black veil! Fariba became even more angry and left the room. Later, she heard that the purpose of the interview was not related to her profession at all. The government wanted to purge anyone who didn't agreed with it or refused to live by its standards. Other employees knew this; they said anything which the interviewer wanted to hear, even when they strongly disagreed with him. They followed the dress code, took part in congregational Prayers and … thus, they kept their jobs. But Fariba was fired!

It was unbelievable for her. All that she had worked long and hard to build was easily ruined. The interviewer didn't cared one bit, about her, her performance at the job, or fate of the projects which she was working on them. She was thrown out and replaced by incompetent yes-men, who got the job through family or political connections. Her personality was insulted too. She was a decent woman and never had any "indecent" relationship (not even by the Interviewer's standards), but she was accused of being a slut and a threat for families!

Fariba was depressed for a while. She knew that the same fate was awaiting her at other jobs as well, unless she agreed to become a mindless servant with no personality of her own. So she decided to migrate abroad. Her academic degree was a huge help and soon she migrated to a free country and started a new and successful life. She tried to forget what had happened in her country and leave all of it behind.

My first contact with Fariba was about a year ago. I often saw her in my neighbourhood. We had short and casual conversations. But it was at a hairdresser's when I noticed that something is not right about her. She had a beautiful black hair, but she was dying it blonde. I thought it didn't suit her at all, but it was none of my business.

We became closer after I revealed my story and body on internet. Fariba defended what I did in front of people who saw it as something immoral. When we met next time, we had a long chat about it. It was then when she told me her life story. I felt some depression in her, so I tried to change the mood by talking about her hair. But as it turned out, that was a part of the problem as well. She said that every time when she saw her hair in the mirror, it reminded her of what had happened. She had tried to erase the problem by dying her hair, but that didn't help, it made it worse!

On our next meeting, I suggested that she shouldn't try to forget; she should fight back! Fariba agreed and told me that she has changed her decision to let the past go. Three things had happened which affected her decision: 1) the interviewer which had ruined her past had received a promotion. He was now doing his shameful job in a large scale. 2) A new similar purge had started in her previous workplace which was directed by the old interviewer. 3) She read mine and Martha's stories and decided to not let her sex or other people's opinions about her which are based on hypocritical ideas and standards hold her back.

But the question was how to take action? An online petition? An angry letter? An article? The media was already full of them. There were worse things happening in her country, horrible things which Fariba's story was a tiny minor thing compared to them. Besides, it was not about the job anymore. She already had a good life and a successful career. She didn't want her old job back, even if they offered it to her. She wanted to reveal the interviewer's (and his master's) hypocrisy and show everyone how absurd is their way of thinking.

She had a plan. She collected E-mail addresses of every employee of the ministry. Some of her old friends were still there and that information was easy to find. She sent an E-mail to the interviewer (Mr Salehi) and attached her naked picture, she also sent a copy of this E-mail to all of the employees.

Here is what she wrote:

" Dear Mr Salehi

Do you remember me? I have attached a picture of myself to this E-mail, but I strongly suggest that you don't open it before you finish reading what I have to say.

I was once an employee in the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance. Three years have passed since you interviewed me. So I don't blame you if you have forgotten me, because you are a very busy man. You have interviewed thousands of employees over years and you have decided which employees are suitable for work, which unfortunately I wasn't one of them. Of course, in your interviews you only ask about religious affairs and beliefs. Again, I don't blame you for it, since you know nothing about economic affairs and finance. But I blame you for throwing away the employees who know about these subjects and replacing them with those who think like you. Why do you do that? Are you not aware of the consequences? If you ever feel sick, who will you visit? An educated doctor or a person who just believes in what you believe in? If you visit the latter, it can have dire consequences for you, so there is no reason to believe doing a similar thing in a larger and more complex field can produce a positive result.

During my interview, you accused me of immoral behavior because I didn't like your code of dress. That code of dress is not something which our society puts forward, it's merely something that you and your colleagues prefer and dictate to the others. You judge women by that code of dress, anyone who observes it is decent and anyone who doesn't is indecent. In your opinion, these indecent women stimulate men and threaten the families. Unfortunately, you found me indecent as well.

But let's leave that behind. What do I know anyway? I'm no expert in god's plans. You are the expert in that field, so perhaps you have good reasons for what you do. So, let's talk about you. What is your job? Why does the government pay you? You judge other people by your standards, you purge the indecent employees and you save families! How wonderful! What catastrophes can seeing a woman's hair create! Just imagine how many men will become perverted and how many families will break apart! Perhaps you and likes of you are the only obstacles against such catastrophes!

But I began to think and I came to a conclusion. Unfortunately, you can't help anyone. All you have done has been in vain. Anyone who is interested in seeing an indecent woman's hair can do a quick search on internet. Unfortunately, not only they can see women's hair, they can also see women's full bodies without any covering! If you don't believe me, you can open the attachment now. You tried so hard to conceal my hair in order to avoid the aforementioned catastrophes, you spent years trying to cover women's hair, but unfortunately, those catastrophes will happen despite your efforts. All of your efforts during these years have been nullified in a second. What a shame!

I could have attached a naked picture of any woman, but I attached a naked picture of myself to ensure you that there is no point in purging. You purged me years ago in order to save those men who will become perverted by seeing me and families who will break apart because of me. But unfortunately, since I'm sending a copy of this E-mail to all of the employees, my damage is done from the other side of the world, and all your efforts have been for nothing.

Since that is very hard to bear, I have a suggestion. I understand that the government is suffering from a financial crisis. Perhaps that is one of the reasons behind the new employee purge which is taking place. Since some employees must be laid off, why don't you let the other employees keep their jobs and instead change your career to something which its results can't be nullified so easily? Besides, isn't it inappropriate to force the taxpayers to pay for a job that can't produce any results? I know it's against your moral values and beliefs to accept charity from the taxpayers, especially in this time of financial crisis, and on the other hand, It's really a shame to see all your talents and efforts are wasted like this and the world is deprived of them! So I strongly suggest that instead of wasting your time with the now perverted employees, whom unfortunately you can't purge them all, you purge yourself by ceasing your cooperation with a ministry of perverts and changing your career to something which suites you better.

Yours sincerely,

Fariba Akbarnejad

I guess Fariba's E-mail speaks clearly and there is no need to add anything.

I just have a word with the readers. Two previous pictures which I uploaded ended in other porn sites sooner than I expected. Anyone who posts a picture online should expect this. I only ask the people who share our pictures elsewhere to share our stories as well. Internet is already full of porn and doesn't need few more pictures. There are professional and more attractive porn stars which you can see them if that is what you are looking for. You can enjoy our pictures too if you like. As I said we don't have any problem with that. But if you support our cause, you can help us by sharing the stories, not just the pictures.
Fariba's Picture
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