Emily’s story

I published my story along with the stories of two other women (Martha and Fariba) about why we publicized our naked pictures a while ago.


Since then, I have received some stories and pictures from women who told me they had similar stories as well. They gave me permission to publish their stories and pictures. Of course, I cannot vouch for any of these stories to be true, but to tell you the truth, I don’t care about it. If a story has a good moral, I don’t care if it’s true or made up. In my opinion, it’s worth reading and giving thoughts to.


They gave me the brief version of their stories and permitted me to write about them. So, I start by writing Emily’s story.



Emily’s story


Emily is a nudist girl who likes her body natural. She is against shaving her body, especially her privates. Of course, many people prefer other styles, but it’s her body, and she decides what to do with it.


A while ago, she met a man who seemed nice. They started dating. As soon as their relationship started to get serious, Emily informed him about her lifestyle: She dressed normally in the public, but liked to be fully nude at home, and liked to keep her body natural. The man was totally okay with it.


They became boyfriend and girlfriend and moved together some time later.


Her boyfriend showed extreme sexual interest in her and used every opportunity to film her or takes photos of her. She was okay with that, and even welcomed his interest.


But after a while, he kept insisting that she should shave her body. Since Emily had made an agreement with her boyfriend about her lifestyle, she refused.


Her boyfriend began losing interest in her and used the hair problem as an excuse to break up with her.


That was saddening for Emily. When they started living together, she knew that there was always a chance that their relationship couldn’t grow beyond a certain point and would eventually end. But even in the worst scenario, she had pictured a better ending. They could have dealt with their problems like adults, learnt lessons from that failed relationship, grew and become better persons after it, and stayed friends after ending it peacefully.


What her ex-boyfriend did proved that even when they were together, he saw her as a walking sex doll, which he got bored of playing with it after a while. That was so immature and disappointing.


Not only he used a childish excuse to break up with her, but began humiliating her afterwards. He showed the naked pictures of Emily to his friends and called her names because of her lifestyle.


Emily wasn’t ashamed that other people had saw her naked pictures. As a nudist, she was okay with it. But betraying her trust and being humiliated because of choosing a certain style for her body, was a different story.


Before all these events, she had uploaded her naked picture online and received nothing but praises. But now, some people were blaming her. Some called her a naïve who had let a man take advantage of her, some called her a pervert because she liked to be nude indoors, and some called her bad names because of her hairy body.


She couldn’t understand why she was blamed in that situation. She had done nothing wrong. She had trusted her boyfriend, and the way her privates looked was no one else’s business.


She didn’t want to be a helpless victim, so she thought of a plan to expose her ex-boyfriend.


She made a fake account with her ex-boyfriend’s name and sent messages, which claimed to contain the link to her naked pictures, to the people involved. When they opened the link, they saw a page containing her story and responses for the people who had blamed her. She asked them why did they even opened the link if they believed it contents were immoral?


At the end, she didn’t disappoint them. She really did put a link to her naked pictures at the bottom of that page. She also wrote that if they want to see her naked, there is no reason to ask for her pictures from an immature minded betrayer. They can simply ask her for a picture, or come to her door to see her naked!


I believe what she did was appropriate and exposed the hypocrisy of the people who blamed her.


Here is one of her pictures which shows her beautiful body and confident face:



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