After the events of "Punishing a Cheater", we drove away from Kai's cabin. Lena was happy with what we had done, and so was I.


We were tired from the struggle and it was getting dark, so we decided to spend the night in a hotel.


We usually don't drink much, but that night we went wild to celebrate our victory. It felt good.


Maybe it was alcohol, or maybe we felt too close after what we did earlier, or perhaps a combination of both, but at any rate, we became extremely open and honest towards each other.


Lena admitted that she is feeling horny. We had engaged in a very pleasing sexual act without reaching an orgasm, so that was natural.


I was having a same feeling. It was a good day, but something was missing. We both needed some good sex and orgasm to perfect our day.


I was never into picking up random guys, and neither was Lena. We joked about doing it, but we knew that wasn't happening. We had just got rid of a jerk, so we didn't want to run into another.


That left us with only one option!


Lena looked at me maliciously and said:


"Are you thinking what I'm thinking?"


That was the first time I saw that look in her face. I knew what she meant. I had never considered her like that, but at that night, I kinda felt like doing it. But I was afraid we might regret it later, and that might have hurt our friendship.


I explained how I felt, and she admitted that she is exactly on the same page. She ensured me that there is no need to be afraid since it would be just a one night stand, after which our friendship will continue as before.


Lena also threatened that if I refuse, she would have her one night stand with a random guy anyhow, and if she runs into trouble, it would be on me! Of course, that was an empty threat, but I was too drunk to realize she is joking.


The last thing which changed my mind was that we had both admitted our willingness to have sex, but we were afraid of feeling ashamed after doing it. But since our honest admission was enough to make us ashamed later, refusing to have sex would have only denied us the pleasure and provided no good!


So I agreed and we went to our room.


We started kissing. It felt good. Those kisses meant something. It wasn't like when we had sex purely for fun. We were transferring our feelings with our lips.


I removed her shirt and she did the same with me. When we hugged, I felt the heat of her body. It was comforting.


The other pieces of clothing fell to the ground one after another. We kept kissing and touching each other gently for a long time.


She asked me to lie down and started giving me an oral. It was better than I had received from any man. I guess girls know each other's bodies better and can please each other better in certain sexual acts which a dick is not involved!


I had my orgasm and she squeezed my breasts as I had it.


We switched places. I returned the favor and gave the best oral I could. Lena moaned and I could tell that she was enjoying, but in the middle, she asked me to stop.


She asked me to use the strap-on I had brought, and said:


"We totally trashed Kai today. We proved he is not a man. Let's also prove it by having sex like a man and woman. That's something I never did with Kai. I was a sex doll to him. But after seeing what you did to him, I want you to be my man tonight."


That made sense. Lena deserved to have sex the way she wanted. I also could have used this opportunity to restore Lena's faith in real men and help her forget the unpleasant experience she had with a jerk.


I cleaned the dildo and wore the strap-on. This was a first time. I knew what I was about to do wasn't like when I did it to humiliate some guy. This time I had to please my dearest friend as a virtual man. I tried to remember how I liked it with a man and do the similar moves.


I penetrated Lena slowly. I was afraid I might hurt her, but she approved and encouraged my moves by her moans. It felt right.


I began pumping and raised my speed gradually. Her moaning and smile told me that I was doing OK. I played with her breasts and she held her hands over mine while I was doing it, informing me that I should continue the same way.


We were both sweating badly. It was good to see I can please a woman like a man.


We did it for about 10 minutes, during which the pleasure was immeasurable, until Lena yelled:


"That's it. Keep doing it. We are getting there. Keep … Uhhh!"


She reached an orgasm. I was very tired; I opened the strap-on and lied down on her. We kept kissing.


I can't remember when we fall asleep, but at the morning, when we woke up, we find each other in a similar position.


Unlike the previous night, the morning was terrible. We both suffered from hangover, and felt ashamed too.


We returned to our normal lives and it took us some time to deal with the shame and regret, but we did it. Now, when we look back at that day, we remember it as a day we went wild, almost in any possible way!


But life becomes too dull and meaningless if you don't go wild from time to time. Don't you agree?

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Yes I strongly agree... And the story was very hot and heavy 💦💦
wow, the part where you interrupted lenas speach by make her cum was so hot. "keep ... uhh" - so orgasmic
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