true story / untrue story #3

hi guys. this story will make you feel very comfortable i guess. its about one of the best massages i ever had.
one day i went to my favorite massage studio for a nice one hour massage. the masseur for my massage today was a new one, i never saw him at the studio before, but let me tell you, he have magical fingers. the first 30min i was laying on my stomach and he gave me a really relaxing massage with much oil, which i like. but the interesting part happened when i turned around on my back.
i was laying there, my tits and hips only covered with a towel. he started oiling my abs and used even more oil. when he started rubbing the oil all over my stomach, i flexed my abs to tease him a bit. my sixpack was really soaking wet of oil and very slippery. he started massaging my belly very hard. he used the strength of his hands very well, so i had to keep my abs flexed all the time. he moved his hands powerfull all over my muscle stomach and then, suddenly, he accidentally slip with his finger into my belly button and i silently moaned. you have to know that my belly button is one of the most sensitive parts of my body and it really turns me on when someone is touching it. so when i moaned he quickly pulled his hands back and ask me if i'm ok. i told him everything is fine and he should go on. but his finger in my navel turned me on so much that, as he continued the massage, i shoved my hand under the towel and started masturbating. i think he liked touching my oiled body and watch me while i masturbated. we continued this game until i was close to orgasm. just before i came he slid his finger in my navel again, this time on purpose. the feeling of his finger in my oily belly button made me cum really hard. i had an shaking orgasm and tensed my abs hard while he continued fingering my navel. after my last shiver he pulled his finger out of my wet navel with a smacking sound. this orgasm was really breathtaking for me.
what do you think? did it happen or not? i would be happyif you would leave me a long comment
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Nice story, but I don't think it's real. I think someone in your position has had a wonderful sex life and some masseur's touch can't get you that horny. It's also embarrassing to have an orgasm in front of a stranger like that!
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