true story / untrue story #2

hi guys. this story is located in a night club. i like to go to clubs to drink and watch the people, and sometimes it gets very wild:
one saturday i went to a club i have never been before. i went alone with the intention to meet new intersting people or maybe a nice one night stand. in the club i sat at the bar, ordered a drink and checked out the people. there was one guy who made me curious. he was skinny and wore a tight shirt, so i could see he had a defined body. he made me curious because of his behaviour. he seemed to be very arrogant and annoyed some girls, so i decided to teach him a lesson.
i went over to him and flirted a bit with him. he immediately started to touch my hip and my ass. i took him by his hand and pulled him to a corner of the club where we would be undisturbed. i pushed him against the wall and kissed him. he liked it so far. i reached under his shirt to check out his stomach, and wow, he had an 8pack. very hot but it woyld not hold me back from fulfilling my plan. i put my hand in his pants and started massaging his dick. he reched under my shirt and touched my abs really exicted. the moment he touched my abs he immediately got hard in my hard. i know my victory would come soon. i started masturbate his hard cock and when he whispered "Stop, wait!", i quickly pulled his shirt up and revealed his pecs. i grabbed his dick as hard as i could and stroke; one, two, ...
and at the third hard stroke i aimed with his dick in the dirction of his stomach and he came all over his naked 8-pack abs. he shot a huge load and i kept holding his shirt up until his muscle pecs were all covered in cum. he breathed heavily and didnt say a word. i just turned around and left. i didnt see him again that night, i hope i taught him a lesson about his arrogancy.
btw later that night i met some new interesting people, but i never saw the arrogant 8-pack again there.
what do you think? true story or just fiction?
Posted in Parties on July 06 2021 at 03:54 AM
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It was a good story, but I don't think it's true. Men don't cum that easily with one, two or three strokes, especially when they are not willing. It's not so easy to grab a guy's dick from under his pants and aim it towards his stomach either.

If I was in that situation, I would have made him cum in his pants and then pointed out his wet cum stained pants in public and shamed him in front of everyone!
I love the story... I can't decide.
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