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hi guys. i have a story for you and you have to guess if its true or not, but maybe you will like it anyway.
the other day i was training at the gym and i noticed a very sexy guy. he was training without shirt, so i could see his naked upper body and his defined 6-pack abs. i had to bite my lip when i saw his sweaty muscle stomach. when he moved to train his midriff and i saw him tensing his abs i could not hold back and walked over to talk to him. he was very nice and let me touch his abs. he even asked me to touch my abs too. i guess my sixpack made him horny because soon we found ourselfs naked together in a shower cabin having really hot sex. when he was about to cum he pulled him out and shot a messy load all over my abs. i wiped it off with a tissue, thanked him for the nice fuck and put my taining clothes on again. i went back to finish my training, still had 30min to go. i noticed that more guys as usual were looking on my abs today. later i decided to take my after-workout-shower at home because my home is near the gym. so i walked to my apartment in my gym clothes. on the way i noticed again many people looking at my abs, but i did not think much about it... until i came home.
when i arrived home and looked in the mirror in the hall.
my belly button was full of cum. the rest of my stomach was clean but i might have wiped of his cumshot not carefully enough and i didnt check my abs after it. so i was training in the gym for 30min with sperm in my navel and also walked home in a cropped top. everybody could have seen  my cum filled navel. i felt so ashamed. but it also reminded me of the good sex, so i got horny again. i masturbated in front of the mirror and focused his cum. he made me cum again even if he wasnt there. that was a really awkward experience.
so what do you think? is it a true story of mine or not?
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wow, it would be so hot if its true. reading the story and imaging the cum in your belly button made me hard^^
Wow it sounds like a good story... I can't stop reading it
I don't think it's true. Anyone with a body in your pictures has probably gotten used to having sex with good guys. There is no way you can lose your mind like that by seeing some abs.

Nevertheless, it was a funny story!
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