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Hi everybody my name is Patrick Collins. I'm a Member here. Please ignore this profile. Go to my New profile. And ya ignore this one. Go to my New profile. This one I lost everything to. This is my New profiles profile pic.

PatrickCollins posted on Lustful9191's wall:

Sis welcome to NSN. I love you so much sis. You been there for me when I fell to my knees finding out my girl Penelope was hurt crazy bad in her car accident. So thank you so much for being there for when I needed it most.


Bro anytime you need me. I'm here for you.


Awww. I love you too bro.

PatrickCollins posted:

My daughter from a previous relationship. Was in a serious car accident over Christmas. And she's in Criticand serious condition. I don't know how long she's gonna live for. Please pray for my girl. Her name is Penelopy. Penelopy is Paralyzed. And has breathing issue's.


Thanks Kalen. And Yes I'm really hurting over this. And Yes please pray.


Oh my god. I will pray for Penelope. She's lucky to be alive. I looked at her Jeep and the other suv. My god. She's lucky. Paralysed. My god. Poor kid. You must be in so much pain right now. I feel so sorry for you.