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MindiMink4033 wrote:

Ok well I'm getting off Now. Talk to you all soon. Feel free to leave me messages. And ill check back sometime soon. Goodbye for a lil while. Be back soon. RIP Fran baby. I love you and will miss you baby.

MindiMink4033 wrote:

I'm gonna be away from Naked for a while. I'm in Mourning. Just lost my fiance Fran in a Car accident in a hit n run accident. My fiance had the right of way to go. And somebody texting or just ignored the light. Hit my fiances 2012 Chevy Impala. And her car flipped 20xs. And landed up right with her hanging out of the sunroof making weird noises according to witnesses.


The red car on the left you see. Is NOT with nor did come with Frans car. It was a Toyota Highlander or Rav4 or a Sequoia or some kind of Suv from Toyota that crashed into her and took off.


Witnesses stated to Police and EMT's that her car after getting struck hit a curb. And flipped in a field 20xs. And she hung out the window of her drivers door. And slipped down to the ground head first. And she was breathing and making strange noises that Nobody has ever heard before. I'm pregnant with Frans child. Now my child has No mom. But me. So me and my daughter Maggie Mink are moving to Los Angeles.


I will be back on soon. The person has been caught. And was found trying to run after striking another car NOT me. And they tried to run. But their car wouldn't move. 15 Police Cars and SWAT was called in. And the person surrendered without a single shot being fired. No loss of life. The people in the other car are all fine. Few bumps bruises and scrapes. But they get to walk away.