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I took an Oath to my City and Town and Sector and my District to Serve and Protect. I took an Oath as a Marine when I Served to bring Justice to my Country. Took an Oath to keep my street clean of dirt and filth. I'm the kind of Cop that you want as a friend. I'm there for you when you need me most.…
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Hey Violet. How's it going. Thanks for adding me. I haven't seen you for while. How's it going. How's your life going.

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Hi dad its Bianka. Can I borrow $2,000 from you to pay off my car insurance. Its due tomorrow. And I need to pay it off. It would great if you can help me out dad. I love you.


Of course you can hun. I'm at the Police Station right now gearing up with my SWAT TEAM to go out to do a Drug Bust. We are leaving soon. First we have to go to a meeting to get information and details. So if you come now. Ill be outside in the lot. Just talk to the gate keeper. And he will escort you to me.

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I'm Former Secret Service. Resigned when Trump became President.


I worked with George W. Bush. And then I work with Obama. Now I'm a Cop. And just to show the Secret Service that I'm Not working with Trump. I told them to clear me from the Database. And told them who ever is the next President. Put me back in Database.