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Erick_Chill_Sara_4446 написал(а) :

My wife Chilly made a huge lunch for me. But it was too much for me. So i went out of my way. And shared my lunch with the Autistic Boy. I fed the boy. Because he wasnt able to feed him self. So i shared my lunch. Saved the boy. Picked him up off the dirty ground. And i fed the boy some of my lunch. He also had a speech problem. So i didnt force him to say much.


That was very nice of you. See there are good Cops out there.

Erick_Chill_Sara_4446 написал(а) :

Today at an Elementary School. I sat with an Autistic boy with ADD and Disabilities. I didnt ask. I didnt want to impose or pose on the boy. Anyways. I sat with the Autistic boy at lunch after he was picked on and bullied. And dumped out of wheelchair. And his lunch was thrown on the ground by the Bully. I threw the bully to the side. And i said GO PICK ON SOMEBODY ELSE YOUR OWN SIZE BOY. And he walked away. Me and my Cop Partner were eating lunch when we saw this happen.

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Yes i see her tears. Poor girl. I hope she learns her lesson.


In her Mugshot i dont know if you can see it. But she has tears in her eyes. I truly did feel bad for her. I know im an ass hole for buying her food. But she had me in tears as well. She did tell me she abused her child. And then she killed a elderly Married couple i knew for years. But i felt bad for this girl.


I do have a good heart for female and male Criminals that tear up in front of me knowing what they dod/do was wrong. I have to give in sometimes you know. I mean everybody derserves a lil dignity and respect.


I felt bad for her. So i comforted her. After i Arrested her. I took her to Hardeez thats Not too far from my House. And at the bottom of my warm beating heart. I know it was a bad idea to do this. But i got her a Chicken Sandwhich and fries with drink. I know im a dummy for it. Go ahead judge me for it. I did it for her. I took her to Hardeez on my way to the Jail. I didnt want her going in a Cell Hungry. So i was nice enough to give her food.