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Well I guess since Nobody is talking to me. I guess ill have to delete my profile then. Bye bye everybody. Its been a pleasure getting to know everybody. Now I became the laughing stalk. And everybody towards me is all about FUCK THE POLICE. Well ill have to say THANK YOU.

AndrewCastroAngelinaCastro9090 added a picture to the album Andrew:

Thanks Officer Dombeck. I saved a woman from her burning car. She has first degree burns on her. But their Non life threatening burns. I was accredited for my bravery. I was on street patrol when two kids were on their bikes. They flagged me down. And said that there's a car on fire with a woman trapped inside. And I burned rubber lights and siren to her Rescue. I saved her life. I couldn't save her car. Cars can be replaced. People live once. And you die once.


Congratulations Officer Castro. You deserve a Special treat. Let me Officer Dombeck take you out to dinner on me. Ill pay. No no no. Let me pay for it. My treat.

Mam my name is Officer Castro. And this is the 3rd time I pulled you over for for being too sexy for the road. So can you please step out of the car mam if you please. Mam I suggest you pull down your pants. In gonna strip search you. I have a suspicion that you haven't been fucked in a while. So please bend over.