Amanda hated me cause I always had Brocks back and she zKNEW I knew about fucking the dudes next door for drugs. My best buddy was always torn thinking about it. I knew for sure n had two pics. And she always pushed harder no matter what. Kept him secluded....held out sex....etc. Brock n I gangbanged his last gf he had a kud with. So he shyed from him me n just aManda alone together. She also knew the story n didnt trust me lol

Me n brock

Brock knew my kinky side. Timing was almost right for the perfect secret threeway. Me my best friend and my secret slutty fiance Dee.

Dee knew he was like my brother. I could tell she also wanted to fuck him. That turned me on even more. The fact he openly complained about Amanda never sucked his dick to both of us turned us on each time he mentioned it. Dee wondered why he said it in front of her. I didnt mention showin off her home pirn to him.

I had proudly shown pics n vids of Dee leetin herself go to be her natural slutty self. Thats what I want. I like sharing if things are right and it turns her into a confident sexually empowered woman. Brock would shake his head n cuss me each vid of her. She proudly gave head close to the camera lens n talked shit during cocksucking vids. It always tore me up. Now he was lol.

Me sharing Dee will be another blog. And its hot lol.

Anyway Amanda hated it when him n me ran around. One night we struck out tryin to get him some strange. We showed up at his house barn at two am fucked up n horny on good coke. We had an eughtball. As soon as we were gettin outta the car shr surprised us popping up and immediately starting yelling at him. It flew all ovrr him. " Im gonna take her in the barn and fuck hrr like a throw away" i didnt think hed do it. He wasnt a mean guy. I urged him to be mean to hrr. I hated her. Shr was yelling throwing shit at the barn entrance. She had on pink rain boits, mini skirt and a wife beatet. Her big tits were bouncing as she raised hell. " Get in the fucking barn and shut the fuck up you. Fuckin lyin whore!" She went in thr finished bedroom in the barn. Hr went in right behind her. Before too lonh i heard h smackibng her ass a spanking.

As he was pounding her and cussing her likr trash she was wimprring. Tellin him shed do anything....anything if hed keep her. He said he doesnt love her anymore. Shutup.

She was loudly, knowin I was right outside...telin him to fuck her hard. After about fifteen minutes of silence I yelked fifteen feet from the door for him. I heard nothin from eithet

So I just sat by yhe firepit watching dowwnloaded porn. Thirty minutes latet I hear the door creak open. I only saw her shadow. I just sat there anf turned around. She walked up to me. She did look sexy especially after I knew he finally treated her like a common crack whore.

" you sonofabitch I know youde never tell me if he cheated...I hate you Ron."

I laughed. " Youde be REAL mad if I told you shit." She had NI clue Dee my gf was our whore on that coke.

Ive had Amanda nude here two days. Ive had her accept me taking pictures. Shes called him sayin she was at her grandmaws but ive taken her clothes n phone