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Lynsey's embarrassment

Whilst on holiday a few years ago Lynsey had a most embarrassing incident. It was a very hot day and she was just wearing a loose-fitting halter neck dress which tied at the back and no undies. Her partner and kids were with her as she wandered about a town. Unfortunately she was bothered by a wasp and as she tried to flick it away her hand caught the tie at the back of her dress and her dress fell to the ground leaving her stark naked in public. She tried to cover her nice big titties and hairy cunt with her hands and arms as she attempted to get her dress back on. Thankfully she wasn't helped much by an old lady who meant well but only made things worse and so poor Lynsey ended up cringing with embarrassment. Her kids thought it was really funny. 


Posted in Exhibitionism on September 03 2020 at 04:08 AM

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